From the unlikely and somewhat untoward beginnings of this musical entity, The He Hews entertain at regular intervals throughout a given year. Perhaps the most obvious member of the aforementioned grouping is Chris with his atonal banjo and colourful vocal arrangements. The colours he employs paint pictures of mystery and illusion, which enhance the musical charm of this still to be discovered street enigma.
The itinerant thud of the bass line concocted by Mr Ian Walker, the Chicken Stalker, proudly compliment these vocals in a juxtaposition of melody and rhythm. If only one could explain the mechanics behind the instrument he so cherishes. Never before has recycling been so wonderfully encapsulated in a single embodiment of wonder.
Later joining The He Hews was Johnny. Thank goodness for that truly striking mode of transport, the humble taxi, with which Johnny was catapulted to nowhere near stardom on a frightful night some years before. His driving and ear shattering rhythms are to be heard to be believed as if a magic show of glorious fantasy is unleashed at every performance.
‘What’s that piece of brass?!’ I hear you cry. Well it is Trevor, the most nimble of saxophone players in the band. With just his fingers and a mild temperament he creates accompaniments only before heard at the lantern shows of yesteryear. This is occasionally, at opportune moments, augmented by the sympathetic strumming and tasteful improvisational melodic lines of his guitar. Never before has matchwood been put to such a demanding use. Only time will tell if the tension created within this instrument will be too much to bear.
Finally, the line up is completed by Tom with his trombone and melody piano. The discourteous and somewhat enlightening sound of the trombone can, at times, seem inappropriate. However, with careful prowess and significant understatement, the accompaniment provided by this instrument of musical torment can divert the gaze away from the vocal perambulations. Coupled with deaf-defying pianoistic digressions, a new window on the songs so loved by the rest of the band is firmly closed.
The He Hews must be seen to be believed. Without compromise, or will, they endeavour to make you smile. Just remember that.